Sprouts Farmer’s Market: The Best Grocery Store for Vegans on a Budget

It is no secret that many vegan alternatives can be pricey. While it is much easier to find vegan alternative products at mainstream grocery stores such as Safeways, you have better luck finding these products at niche, healthy supermarkets such as Sprouts and Whole Foods. Many often shy away from going vegan due to money concerns, especially as many of the stores which specialize in vegan options can be costly. Luckily, vegan groceries are becoming cheaper and many health-food stores such as Whole Foods, are seeing their prices go down.

The other day, me and my sister went grocery shopping at Sprouts. We are both vegan and neither of us make that much money. From the moment we went into the store, we were greeted with a variety of baked goods and vegan spreads, such as hummus.

I got these delicious vegan muffins, which tasted “grainy”, but were still very delicious. They are absolutely perfect for grabbing a breakfast on the go, they go perfect with coffee.

I loved all of the vegan options they had. We bought a variety of fake meats and cheeses. I also bought a red pepper hummus, which I have found goes perfectly on a whole wheat bagel with arugula and avocado. I also bought chia seeds, which I tried to make a pudding with later. It didnt work out very well, haha. We had a completely vegan shopping trip. Overall it cost us around $80, a cost that we split between us.

This may still seem expensive to some, but it is such a relief for me. I remember when I first went vegan a few years ago, the prices were astronomical. Beans, fruit and vegetables can be pretty cheap on their own, but I understand that many would have a hard time switching to only eating those foods. I believe that fake meats, yogurts and cheeses make it easier for people to transition to the vegan lifestyle. They certainly helped me when I first started out.

When I was younger, my mother would frequently go on health kicks, trying various healthy eating plans. We would often go to Whole Foods, but when my parent’s company went through some rough times, we usually went to Sprouts instead. Sprouts has always given us a cheaper way to eat healthfully.

Overall, I would recommend Sprouts for anyone who is starting out going vegan. My sister and I had no problems finding plenty of vegan alternative foods at a reasonable price.

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