Shopping For Vegetarian Food in Paradise Valley Arizona Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s has been a favorite of me and my family ever since I was little. It has always been able to provide us with healthier food, even when we were in financial difficulty. Before I went vegan, I had always died for their premade cheesy breadsticks. You just heated them up in the oven really quick and voila! They were delicious, it is unfortunate that they have cheese in them. The other day I went to the Paradise Valley Trader Joe’s, near Tatum and Shea. The moment I walked through the door, I felt welcomed. Everyone who worked there was super friendly.

I am currently staying at my parent’s house. I will be there for another week. I came to visit my mother for Mother’s Day and I also came up for my dad’s birthday. His party was an absolute blast! Their fridge was already full of food, so I did not come to this Trader Joe’s to buy very much.

I got myself some kale, which is perfect with some lemon vinaigrette. They had a decent assortment of pre-made vegan meats as well. I got some dried fruits, which are a favorite of mine. Like most Trader Joe’s, there was not a huge amount of options. Trader Joe’s is not known for having large stores in general. I have always found that Trader Joes is good for topping off a fridge and getting some food for a couple of days. It is not so good for making a huge shopping trip.

I got some quinoa burgers, which I have found are a good alternative to soy. Ever since I found out that I was mildly allergic to soy, I have been trying to cut down on soy. I had these burgers just a couple of hours ago. I ate these while the rest of my family had beef burgers. I thought they were yummy, although I am still in the process of getting used to the texture of quinoa and the alternative meats which are made of quinoa.

Overall, I found some excellent healthy food at this Trader Joe’s. Was there a huge selection? No, but this is to be expected at most Trader Joe’s. I still found some good healthy, vegetarian food to last me throughout the week.


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