Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Before I went vegan, chocolate ice cream was one of my favorite guilty pleasures. The brand So Delicious is one of my favorite vegan brands and it has not disappointed me in the past. I regularly buy their ice cream sandwiches. Their website states that all their products are certified 100% vegan, so vegans really cannot go wrong with this brand. The other day I came across a selection of vegan ice creams in my local Safeway and I just had to give this ice cream a shot.

I love coconut. I put coconut milk in my coffee every morning and I often drink coconut water before a workout. I put coconut oil in my smoothies and I often eat chocolate and ice cream which is made of coconut milk. I absolutely love the taste of coconut and I think that it goes perfectly with the taste of chocolate.

This ice cream is perfection. The ice cream has hints of coconut in the taste, but it my opinion that makes it taste so much more delicious. The coconut milk blends seamlessly with the chocolatey ice cream taste. Even if I wasn’t vegan, I would still buy and eat this ice cream on a regular basis.

One complaint I do have is that it seems to melt extremely easily. Within five minutes, it felt like half of the bowl of ice cream had melted. The consistency is more “watery” than it is creamy. I do not personally have an issue with the consistency, I don’t think it detracts from the good taste of this ice cream. It is just slightly irritating to have your ice cream melt so easily. That is the only issue I have with this ice cream though.

If you absolutely despise the taste of coconut, then I would advise you to skip on this ice cream. If you do not mind a coconutty taste, then I would absolutely recommend this ice cream!

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