Phoenix Vegetarian Dining: Pomegranate Cafe

Phoenix boasts several vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants. They run from your average little hippie joint, all the way up to elegant, fine dining. One of these little gems is tucked away in suburb of Phoenix called Ahwatukee.

Pomegranate Café was started by a mom-daughter team who had a dream to bring together good food, good flavor, and community. This juice bar and restaurant has done just that, brought many disparate types together. At any given time people in suits and families with lots of kids mingle, eating hearty and vibrant compassionate food. Cassie and her mom Marlene have certainly brought their vision to fruition.

There are also quite a few community events that happen at Pomegranate. They have hosted everything from book signings to talks about health. Everyone from The Joyful Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau to Taylor Landcaster, who started Walk2know GMO Labling (he is walking to raise awareness about GMO labeling of our food) have graced their space. They also host movies on health, healing, and the food industry.

Pomegranate has a 100% meat-free menu. They use 100% organic products, fair trade coffee and chocolate, and have a delectable dessert menu that also includes raw desserts. The selection of proteins are “chicken”-style, walnut taco meat, and tofu.

The restaurant layout is modern classic with open table eating. Tables for two and four line the wall, with picnic type benches to in the middle for larger parties. Local artwork lines the walls and is usually available for sale. Information on the artists is available. It is the typical set up, order at the counter and sit and wait for your food to come. And though this is a tiresome model, it works to get food out to the guests.

The cafe serves breakfast and lunch, and they have something for everyone. They serve everything from French toast to wraps, bowls, and burgers. This café does love their carrots, so expect many of them on your salads, in your wraps and on your burgers.

When in Phoenix and you want to get some food full of flavor and a robust environment, this is the place to go.

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