Making Vegan Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese is a staple comfort food which many non-vegans cannot imagine parting with. Fortunately, you don’t have to part with this tasty dish! Here we are going to show you one way to make vegan mac and cheese but there are tons of more ways to make mac and cheese without the cruelty.
Today, my sister and I tried our hand at vegan mac and cheese. While I do love going out to eat, sometimes you just need some good, homecooked food. My sister gathered up two of her vegan friends and all four of us decided we would make vegan mac and cheese. We went by the instructions in this video, (credit goes to Lauren Jade on YouTube):

This mac and cheese was made with:

1 cup of raw cashews

2 large potatoes

2 carrots

½ cup of nutritional yeast, (You can buy this in a local health foods store, we got it at our local Sprouts)

2 teaspoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons of onion powder

½ of a white onion

First, I started off by soaking 1 cup of cashews in water.

Then we skinned, cut up and then boiled the potatoes for 3 minutes. I accidentally cut the potatoes unevenly, so we added in another, smaller potato. We added in the carrot and boiled for another 5 minutes, we then proceeded to add the cut up onion and boil for another 7 minutes.

We stirred the vegetables up and when the time was up, we threw the vegetables in the blender.

At first it looked a little chunky. It didn’t look as creamy as it did in the video. It took about 5 minutes for us to fully blend the vegetables. To me, it tasted like cheese that was mixed with potatoes. I was pleasantly surprised. One of the commenters on the video said that it tasted like chicken noodle soup to them and I could see where they were coming from. It smelt like onions to me.

Once the vegetables were in the blender, we added the nutritional yeast, onion powder, cashews and garlic powder and blended. We also added 1 teaspoon of mustard. We added two cups of boiled water from the veggies. We blended but it took ages to blend.

We also added a dash of red pepper. In the meantime, we began to boil our macaroni. Once the macaroni was done, we strained the macaroni and added the cheesy sauce.

A picture could not possibly capture how perfect it looked when we mixed the cooked pasta with the cheesy sauce. It looked simply decadent! My brother-in-law posted a video on his YouTube of when we mixed the pasta and the sauce together. Everything went together perfectly! Just look at how creamy and smooth it looks:

My Opinion

It tasted heavily of onion powder, so I would personally recommend forgoing the onion powder or putting in only half the amount, (unless you do not mind the heavy onion taste). We both really liked it. It has the texture of mashed potatoes but with a cheesier taste. The nutritional yeast gave this mac and cheese a nutty zing. To be honest, it didn’t really taste like cheese. In my opinion, it tasted more like vegetable mash with pasta, but I still thought it was yummy. My sister and many other people who had previously tried this recipe said that it tasted just like mac and cheese, so this may be down to personal taste and opinion. If you are not vegan and you are just starting out, make sure to keep an open mind because vegan food can be surprisingly good! Overall: we all give this recipe a thumbs up!

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