How I Get My Veggies In

I’m going to be straight and honest here; I’m not crazy about vegetables. I will eat them whole, but only in small amounts. I know, that feels like a sin. To be vegan and not love vegetables, how do I make it work?

The answer to that is, I make fruit and veggie smoothies! A few months ago, I found a frozen fruit and veggie blend in Safeway’s. It’s by Welch’s.

The last blend I got was I think mango and butternut squash. I really enjoyed it. I also often put whatever vegetables are in the fridge at the time I am making a smoothie.

This smoothie blend contained raspberries, carrots, strawberries and grapes. The smoothie itself would usually taste pretty tangy.

I put coconut milk in along with my smoothie and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I also put more carrots and some assorted greens into the smoothies.

My mom does the same thing, she makes a lot of fruit and vegetable smoothies. She recommends using a banana to hide the taste. I personally like using raspberries to hide the taste of vegetables. I find that their tangy flavor masks the taste of bitter vegetables pretty well.

Overall, I would recommend this method to anybody who hates vegetables. Coconut milk goes with these smoothies perfectly and you can just throw in whatever fruits and veggies your heart desires!

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