Farmers Markets in Phoenix

There are buzz words in today’s food business: Farm-to-table, locally grown, organic, non-GMO, and crafted (or hand crafted). These phrases and words seem to draw people in. It gives a special quality about the food that is created. Like it came from a magic place just for you.

Food is food. It is grown, harvested, and then transmuted into something we can eat. Where else besides a highly expensive restaurant can you go to find these kinds of food?

Farmer’s markets are great places to find local and artisan food products, as well as organically grown produce.

A farmer’s market is defined this way:

“a food market at which local farmers sell fruit and vegetables and often meat, cheese, and bakery products directly to consumers.”

In Phoenix and the surrounding areas there are over 50 farmers markets ranging from produce and meat only, to markets that have everything from produce and arts and crafts to food trucks. Top off your visit to the Valley of the Sun by attending one of these markets.

The Phoenix Open Air Market is conveniently located downtown. Three of the biggest organic farms have a presence there, as well as Local First, the Phoenix movement to support local businesses working to stay afloat. Local Honey, hummus, gluten free baked goods and raw crackers can all be found at this location. Eggs, plants, seeds, and even a knife sharpening truck are at this market.

Some markets, like Gilbert, only take chemical free and organic produce. They have cheese and meat vendors and local “artisan” food producers.

The world of new food language can be confusing. Attending these markets and asking questions directly from the vendors can help navigate this confusion. Talk to the vendors, they are usually willing to give out information and samples of their food.

Where else can you find these kinds of products? Hand-crafted beer is also a big industry these days. Phoenix is loaded with small breweries serving up some of the finest beer in the nation. Make sure to give one of these pubs a visit when you are here.  

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