Best Vegan Foods for People Who Have a Snacking Problem

I am a huge snacker. Ever since I was little, snacking has always been my solution to boredom. I have recently found some healthy vegan options for snacking. Me and my sister have been obsessed with certain foods this week. This is what we got at our last grocery haul and would recommend to anyone, vegan or not.

  • We love cuties. I munch on these all week. They’re small, cute, sweet and good for those of you have can’t stop snacking.
  • Kale chips are perfect for snacking on! I fell in love with these when I was in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago.
  • Green apples, my favorite snack.
  • My sister loves tomato-basil lentil chips.
  • Coconut milk yogurt, a good alternative to ice cream. I love getting a variety of flavors and snacking on them throughout the week. I also like getting a tub of the plain vanilla coconut milk yogurt and putting berries on top of it, along with granola. I also love heating up frozen berries in the microwave and using it as a “syrup” of sorts.
  • Coconut milk chocolate bars, to those who wish to indulge themselves.
  • Oreos, which are surprisingly vegan. These should be eaten in moderation.
  • Plain sea salt popcorn, I am sure nearly every health food store has a large bag of vegan popcorn. It is a healthy alternative to microwave popcorn. I like the Earth Balance one, personally.

You should still be weary of snacking, but these are some good alternatives for those of you looking for healthy alternatives! Snack away! Do any of you have any favorite vegan snacks? Let me know in the comments!

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